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Before the beginning, after the great war between heaven and hell, God created the earth and gave dominion over it to the crafty ape he called man. And to each generation was born a creature of light and a creature of darkness. And great armies clashed by night in the ancient war between good and evil. There was magic then, nobility, and unimaginable cruelty. And so it was until the day that a false sun exploded over Trinity. And man forever traded away wonder for reason.

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so I am
watching Carnivale again. And yes, it is true that I posted two days ago saying I just finished watching the show--I just already miss it so much. And I'm currently in the limbo between school and summer internship so I have NOTHING to do.

I am writing recaps, because:

1. I love it and I want to watch it again
2. and pay a lot of really careful attention to it
3. and when I was watching it, I wanted company (both to help me understand what was going on, and to fangirl with), but I didn't know anyone who watched the show, so I often read the Television Without Pity recaps while I was watching, but those recaps weren't necessarily written by people who liked the show, so I didn't enjoy them as much as I would have if they had been by a person who liked the show.

I feel weird posting this because I don't know if anyone will be interested in reading them, and I don't know if I'm good at writing recaps or not. I'm mostly writing them for my own fun. But I'm going to write them anyway, so I might as well link to them here.

anyway: Creed! Okay!

my bottled-up thoughts about this show, which I finished a few hours ago
I hope people still read this, I want to talk to someone and it's depressing to look for forums and see that they aren't very active. I wish I wasn't getting interested in this so late. But if I had watched the show when it was on I wouldn't have appreciated it; I was pretty stupid when I was 15/16. Also I was able to watch the whole show in nine days, which was a pretty amazing immersion experience. This show is so much like life, you know? Which is sometimes annoying and sometimes really cool--especially in the first season, it doesn't seem to have so much of a sense of THIS IS THE PLOT; it's just following some people around. And there happens to be magic and crazy sex.

Spoilers for the whole show--pretty much talking about girly stuff like relationships. I like the way horror/fantasy looks and feels, but more as a backdrop to character and emotion than the whole point. And this show was perfect for that.

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Inside Season Two Of Carnivale
A short behind-the-scenes promo for the second season of "Carnivale". Posting this, because not sure whether everybody saw it when the show was still on the air. I am still pissed at HBO for cancelling one of the greatest shows ever...

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7 carnivale icons (S1Ep1)

It's not going to last forever, all right? Earth is out there.
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Season two
Finished season two. I have some comments (and questions) under the cut.

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Question about season two episode
I just finished watching season two, episode 8: "Outskirts, Damascus NE." I think it may be one of the best Carnivale episodes I've seen so far (and I only have a few left!). I have a few questions, though, I put everything under the cut in case there are other newbies on here who want to avoid spoilers.

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Season One questions
I just thought I'd make a little introduction post. My name is Laura and I'm new to Carnivale. I'm a big fan of a lot of HBO shows and this has always been on my "must watch" list. After finishing the first season tonight I'm just sorry that I didn't start it sooner. I need to get an icon now. ;)

I'd love to discuss the first season with all of you (I have some questions), since I don't know many people who watch/watched Carnivale. I'll post everything under the cut in case there are other newbies here who aren't finished the first season.

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65 Carnivale s2 icons.

See all 65 here @ fiendunderpin.

[vid] John Saw That Number
I made a Ben-centric Carnivale vid, set to Neko Case's 'John Saw That Number.' Spoilers for seasons one and two.

Direct link.

75 season one Carnivale icons.
I recently iconed the first half of season one (the post is here) and now I've done the second. I'll be starting season two soon.

See all 75 here @ fiendunderpin.

70 season one icons.

See all 70 of them here @ fiendunderpin.


Quick ask: Does anyone know where i might find an uploaded copy of wiseblood???

i have it on vhs but my ancient player is now RIP...

Carnivale rewatch project

@ carnivale_redux and CarnivaleHBO Yahoo!Group

Were you among the lucky ones who saw Carnivale when it first aired? Are you part of the evergrowing fanbase that found out about the show after the cancellation? Are you a newbie? In any case, you're invited to join the Carnivale rewatch project!

Together, every Sunday, we rewatch an episode of Carnivale and discuss it.

Share your thoughts, speculations, and why not, squee with the other fans as if it was the first time. Analyze the early episodes in perspective and compare them with your first impressions.

Episode 0 - Introduction is up this Sunday, July 20th.

You can either join or watch carnivale_redux on Livejournal or join the Yahoo! Group CarnivaleHBO according to what suits you best... or maybe go both places. The more, the merrier! The next discussion post, and where the real fun will begin, is due for Sunday, July 27 when we will discuss the pilot - Milfay.

This is the moment to take your dvds off the shelf! Feel free to ask any question and make suggestions to improve this project. Everything to keep the Carnivale love alive!

Johnny Meah's New Carnivale
Hey Carnivale fans:

Have you ever wanted to experience the 1930s carnival lifestyle, not on TV, but for real?

Johnny Meah, the world-renowned carny expert who served as the historical advisor on the show, has gone on to help create Carnivale Lune Bleue, a month-long old-tyme carnival experience in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This is the genuine thing - Ten-in-One freak shows; Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Bros. trained acrobats; vintage restored Ferris Wheels, high strikers and wooden carousels; a giant snake show; psychics; 1930s carnival games and concessions ... the works!

If you're going to be in Ottawa this summer, you'll definitely want check this out.

For more information, visit www.CarnivaleLuneBleue.com

I know, I know ... it's not the same as having the show back on the air, but it's pretty close!
location: Ottawa
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